China Aerospace International Holdings Ltd.     Stock code: 00031

Corporate Culture

“Patriotic, Innovative, Integrity, Harmony, Conscientiousness” represent the essence of the Company’s corporate culture and the Company’s corporate mission. It also serves as the business development principles and the core values of employees in daily business and operations.

Love the nation, Hong Kong, China Aerospace and the Enterprise

Adhere to the concept of new development, drive development with innovation

Commit to honesty, the principles of integrity and fairness and the rule of law
Adhere to win-win cooperation and treat all stakeholders well

Govern by virtue, insist on working in unity and sharing harmoniously

Be reliable and responsible

Focuses on long-term value and benefits creation for our customers, shareholders, employees and the society.

The Company is committed to promoting technological innovation and specialized production, devoted in the provision of high quality and high efficiency services to the supply chain and industrial chain industries and focuses on advanced manufacturing and modern service industries as core competencies, aiming to become an international enterprise with focus in the future, with remarkable innovation capability and continuous creation of value for customers, providing customers with professional, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly products and services.

Policies and Codes for Shaping Corporate Culture
The Company adopts a prudent attitude in operating and managing its business to achieve sustainable growth of the Company's business and contribute to the economic development of the society. The purpose of the Company's policies and codes is to integrate corporate values into the daily operations and conduct of business, to that end, the Company has formulated “The Code of Conduct for Compliance Operation for Employees” to instill awareness of compliance operation among employees, ensuring the Company operates with high ethical standards and professional competence. Ongoing effort is also made to build a clean, honest and responsible management team through the Company’s “Anti-Corruption Policy” and “Whistle-blowing Policy”.

The Company has established a corporate culture department, which is responsible for holding regular internal activities and seminars on the implementation of the corporate mission and philosophy, condensing employees’ sense of belonging to the Company, and building a platform for sharing ideas, so as to create a patriotic, innovative, integrity, harmonic and responsible team. The Company uses various communication channels, evaluates and monitors the implementation of corporate culture based on the turnover rate of key employees, number of reporting case, etc. At the same time, the leadership and management personnel are required to actively embed the corporate values and good conduct in their daily work to set an example for their subordinate employees.

Corporate Culture and Development Strategy
The Company has formulated a long-term planning outline and continuously evaluates the potential opportunities and challenges faced by the Company. Through the core of the Company's corporate culture: “patriotic, innovation, integrity, harmony, and conscientiousness”, we will continue to enhance employees’ ethics, improve the corporate governance system, and effectively prevent any business risks and compliance risks. This will give the employees themselves and the Company a competitive advantage to develop various businesses steadily, and strengthen Company’s performance in revenue, profitability and return on shareholders’ equity.